How Do I Title This Thing?
Lower your weapons, everyone!

Thanks to my friend Sumeiyeh for the translation.

Komaeda:  "You double-crossed me…"

Nagisa:  "…Sh-Shit!"



yeah I’m playing Danganronpa 2 right now and I really wanna get some hope fragments from Nagito… but damn it doesn’t work and I dont know why? Everytime I hang out with him and giving him a present nothing is happening he doesn’t want to talk to me ._. I’m at chapter 4 right now…

can somebody explain me what I have to do ppppleeeaseee? :O

If you don’t hang out with him at least once early on in Chapter One, then you can’t make any progress with him at all later.

Question about sdr2 free time events!!


for those of you further in the game than me:

1) Are there any FTE opportunities in ch 5 and ch 6? are the five in ch 4 your last ones?
2) are kuzuryuu’s different in after school mode? that’s as if nothing happened with monokuma, right? Kuzu’s are all about what happened in ch 2 so….

I’m at the fifth FTE in ch 4 and annoyed cuz it’s my last shard for kuzu and he won’t play with me (souda too >:c )

I can’t say if they are the same, but I’ve done all of Kuzuryuu’s in Dangan Island, and he still talks about losing Peko and his sister and his eye, so…

I had the same problem in Chapter Four with Akane and Nanami.  I’ve since figured it out.  Some of the FTEs cause you to go to a different location, which is not possible in Chapter Four.  I know Souda’s got some at the beach, and Kuzuryuu’s last one has him inviting you to his cabin.


I just gave Mahiru Koizumi a baseball bat in Tomodachi life

Glad I’m not the only one who recreated the cast of both games in Tomodachi Life.: D


I literally cannot think of anything to post for this episode so I’m gonna take a quick shower and when I get back I’m gonna make something spectacular and you will all love it and we’ll all be happy again

I’m still waiting for this.D :


heard a few people complain that Komaeda’s final free time event was re-worded and horrible, and i’m not sure what they thought the Japanese version said, but it’s basically entirely the same. .w. which is beautiful btw. a+ NIS, four for you. 

I have to disagree, because many people don’t even realize it’s supposed to be an aborted love confession, which was obvious in the Japanese.  If they had moved the ellipses to after “with” or “love” it would have been better.

More translation inaccuracies?

In Oren’s translation, during the blackout, Togami is questioning what someone is doing and demanding they stop.  We later learn this is him seeing Komaeda behaving suspiciously.  He then pushes him away, resulting in Komaeda’s “Ow!”.

In NISA’s translation, Togami is just expressing general surprise that in no way indicates he sees someone doing something suspicious.  Once you know what really happened during the blackout, it even seems weird.  That moment should be him seeing Komaeda, so his words make no sense.

Given that Komaeda keeps wondering how Togami could say things like “What is this?” in the darkness, I’m guessing they’re going to try and use this to prove he was wearing the night-vision goggles.  Except that doesn’t work with their translation, because Togami’s words in no way indicate he actually saw anything, as opposed to just being surprised and curious about the blackout.

Usami means “rabbit”?



The game claims this, but I can find nothing to support it. Is this another one if NISA’s lies?

Actually, Rabbit in Japanese is ‘Usagi’

That I know.

Usami means “rabbit”?

The game claims this, but I can find nothing to support it. Is this another one if NISA’s lies?

Typical NISA…

Anyone else experiencing problems?  The text running off the screen is bad enough, but then the game crashed at one point, and then everything became white blocks—the characters, the stage in the park, and all the options in the menu.